Why did I want to do this?

In life we all have to cope with the demands of job, family, relationships. Today mental health is now talked about in the open rather than behind closed doors. Demands placed on all of us put us under pressure even more in the society we live in.

I first had the idea of doing 'something for charity' during the winter months of 2011 / 2012 after seeing an interview between Andrew Flintoff and Piers Morgan amidst the media coverage of the tragic and untimely deaths of sportsmen, Gary Speed and Peter Roebuck.

I remember Piers Morgan saying that, he couldn't understand how a high profile cricketer, playing for his country, could be depressed. I was shocked at how little he and people in general comprehended that depression is a massive issue in the arena of professional sport.

I felt lucky not to have suffered from mental health issues and decided MIND was the perfect cause for me to support. Being a professional cricketer and a sportsman and in the public eye you may have to cope with all the extra pressures that entails, your performance is always under extra scrutiny, however that is no different for the man or woman in the street trying to do the best they can.

In cricket, I have become more and more aware of colleagues and fellow competitors trying to cope with depression or mental health issues. I read Marcus Trescothick’s outstanding book entitled ‘Coming Back to me’ and his support of the Programme ‘Time for Change’ run by ‘Mind’ and’ Rethink Mental’ which aims to end the stigma and discrimination faced by people with mental health problems. Links to Marcus’s website and Mind charities are on this website so you can find out more.

So I wanted to make a difference and support Mind and in a very quixotic moment thought I would do the walk from John O’Groats to Land’s End for charity! So on September 29th, I don my walking shoes and put my rucksack on my back to walk the length and breadth of Britain.

I do hope you can support me. You can follow me on twitter @Boycey85 or on Facebook and I am hoping to raise as much money as I can for this amazing charity so please help me on my journey by making a donation. Can I thank you in advance for your support, over the next three months before the event we are hoping to add more links and articles to this website so do keep visiting it!

All the very best


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